Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First Apple Pies

Jeremy is a really good cook and well me on the other hand... I don't have the best track record (I literally caught on fire while making pasta). For our Thanksgiving feast with some friends Jeremy and I were in charge of bringing a few pies. The thing is, Jeremy makes AMAZING pies, and everyone was expecting one of his creations... well due to the fact that he was extremely busy i got placed in charge of making the pies.

To do this i called in the help of my wonderful sister...

So we chopped what seemed like a million apples, and measure the ingredients for all the sugary goodness, and began creating what we hoped would turn out to be wonderful pies!

I did not have any pie pans before making these pies so I got to go shopping for some pie pans that I will keep for my future kitchen with Jeremy! I found red Calphalon pans at Marshalls and I was so excited!! I think they made the pies look prettier:)

After lots of hard work we placed the finishing touches on the pies and popped them into the oven...

Here they are... MY FIRST APPLE PIES!! I would have to say they turned out to be pretty yummy!