Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First Apple Pies

Jeremy is a really good cook and well me on the other hand... I don't have the best track record (I literally caught on fire while making pasta). For our Thanksgiving feast with some friends Jeremy and I were in charge of bringing a few pies. The thing is, Jeremy makes AMAZING pies, and everyone was expecting one of his creations... well due to the fact that he was extremely busy i got placed in charge of making the pies.

To do this i called in the help of my wonderful sister...

So we chopped what seemed like a million apples, and measure the ingredients for all the sugary goodness, and began creating what we hoped would turn out to be wonderful pies!

I did not have any pie pans before making these pies so I got to go shopping for some pie pans that I will keep for my future kitchen with Jeremy! I found red Calphalon pans at Marshalls and I was so excited!! I think they made the pies look prettier:)

After lots of hard work we placed the finishing touches on the pies and popped them into the oven...

Here they are... MY FIRST APPLE PIES!! I would have to say they turned out to be pretty yummy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

la la la lah

so since I'm getting married i thought i would dedicate a post to wedding stuff... my current dilemma is what i should do about wedding invitations. most of them are just so darn expensive, and come on we all know that after they hang on the refrigerator for the month prior to the wedding they are thrown away. i have come to the conclusion that you can still be creative even with the cheaper invitations and maybe just add a little something yourself. i have been searching for invitations that match my colors, and so far the ones i like the best come from non other than target! i should have known! Target does so happen to be my favorite place to shop! so here is a little sneak peak as to what the invitations to mine and Jeremy's wedding might be looking like....

Friday, November 20, 2009

first blog ever...

so this is my first blog ever and i don't have any idea as to what i should write about... here goes nothing...
My roommate Kayla Michelle Skipper convinced me to get this blog. She is really funny and makes amazing sweet tea! She is a way better speller than me, and i am often asking her how to spell words. She loves to wash dishes, and is by far the best cook in apartment #26! here is a little idea of the wonderfulness i live with!

Kayla Skipper freshman year wishing she were emo...

Yesterday is signed up to run the L.A. Half Marathon with a good friend in preparation for the Full L.A. Mathon. I officially started training today and am already really sore. I'm wondering what i got myself into again!

so i just keep telling myself i did it once and i can do it again:)

so as im looking at all of the things i have to register for for my wedding i have decided i really want a cobalt blue kitchen aid mixer!! they are my favorite!!!