Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jeremy went to New Mexico

Jeremy was in New Mexico all of last week for work. We have made it a tradition that whenever he has to travel for work, before I take him to the airport, we go out to breakfast. This time we chose to go to Beachcomber in Crystal Cove! It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we could not have asked for better weather! We had a wonderful time eating yummy food and enjoying the sun shine before Jeremy was off for the week.

I had a yummy omelet with fruit!
Jeremy enjoyed french toast... he said its "the best french toast" he has ever had!

I am so happy to have him back at home! It was a very quiet week in our apartment!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blessed... What a Wonderful Summer it has been!!

As the rain is pouring down outside, and I have my few Fall decorations placed around our apartment I am very excitedly welcoming Fall! This summer was busy with lots of changes and exciting things taking place, and I am excited for the change of weather, and the all of the wonderful festivities that Fall brings with it! I realized that I have really neglected my blog and have decided that I should get better about posting all of the happenings of the Turner house! So if you are not too bored bear with me and I will take you on a brief picture tour of our summer!!:)
I will begin with the biggest happening of the summer... Jeremy and I got MARRIED!! June 12th, 2010. We got married at his parents house and it was a warm sunny June day with all of our closest friends and family in attendance! It was more than I ever dreamed it would be!! It was such a special day and we feel so blessed by all of the love support and encouragement we felt that day!

After our wedding we headed to a wonderful resort in The Dominican Republic! It was a great week filled with relaxing by the beach, going on a canopy tour adventure, and loving being at an all inclusive resort!!

As soon as we got back from our honeymoon summer quickly began in full force! The rest of the pictures are in no particular order, but highlight several of our summer adventures!

One of the highlights was going to the Orange County Fair that just happens to be in walking distance from our apartment. We went with a group of our friends and had a blast! We had a race down the slides and I CLEARLY lost!!
This ride is the SCARIEST ride i have ever been on!! You can ask Jeremy... I think I said "I am going to die" every time I could catch my breath!
Yes, Jeremy did insist on finding the sheep so that he could reminisce his childhood of raising his own sheep to bring to the fair!
Another highlight of the summer was attending Jeremy's good friend from college, Mike Herman's, wedding up in Chico! Because it is 9 hours away we decided to make a road trip of it!! I got to experience many firsts. One of our first stops was Big Sur. We took a short walk to a beautiful waterfall, Julia Pfeiffer Burns.
We spent the night in San Francisco and literally took advantage of every minute we had in the city. We had both been to San Francisco before but it was really fun to be in the city together. I had never actually been across the Golden Gate bridge so we drove across it as we left the city! After the wedding we made a stop at the Capitol in Sacramento. This was also a first for me!

Another highlight of the summer was going to the Hollywood Bowl and seeing Swell Season, The Bird and the Bee, and She and Him. We went with a group of our friends! We all brought picnic dinners and had a wonderful evening!

We have spent as many days at the beach this summer (I would have liked to have spent more but it was a really cold summer). Jeremy has enjoying using his new surfboard that I got him... personalized and all:)
Jeremy has been working hard in our garage which we are still trying to fully get organized! Our apartment does not have much storage space so we have been having to get creative with our garage! Jeremy being the handy man he is though has been building us shelves with the new tools he just got from his parents! I will post pictures of our apartment soon:) It is coming along quite nicely!!
So as I close this forever long post I will leave you with a few thoughts I recently had! Jeremy and I had been out for a run and then got home just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset from our balcony. As we sat on our balcony taking it in I was reminded again of how blessed I am! Jeremy and I have been blessed with so much! We both have full time jobs, we have a wonderful little apartment that is within walking distance of a couple of our friends, we have a wonderful community of friends, and we are continually being blessed daily!