Monday, May 10, 2010

Senior Dinner

We had our Senior Dinner Friday May 7th on Metzger Lawn at Biola. It was a fun night hanging out with friends and looking back over the past four years. It was crazy to remember back to freshman year when we all first met! I love the friends I have made, and am so grateful for the impact each one has had on my life!

Senior Dinner /Freshman Dinner


I love these girls!!


All of us girls lived on the same floor freshman year and were super close! We named ourselves Sisterhood of the Albie! This was because be sent around this awful t-shirt with a huge face on it "the Albie" to each girl for one week over the summer. There was rules about wearing the shirt and a notebook in which pictures were taped and stories were documented. (In this notebook was the first time I told everyone about Jeremy so its kinda funny). The picture on the bottom is our original Sisterhood picture when we had our Albie sayonce and now every time we are all together we take our "Sisterhood" picture! We have all gone different directions throughout the years but every time we get back together we are able to pick up right were we left off. I love these girls and what each and everyone represents in my life!

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